Research Solutions International


RSI provides services in applied social research, program evaluation and monitoring, and project direction. This includes:

- Project planning, management and implementation

- Logic model development 

- Quantitative and qualitative instrument design

- Quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis, and report preparation

- Data file management and quality control

- Research staff supervision and project team management   

RSI has demonstrated ability to work effectively in multi-site settings, in collaboration with multi-national organizations, and in team-based structures.

The core competencies of the RSI research team are:

Expertise in Planning, Management and Implementation of  Projects.  With proven expertise in efficient project management, the RSI team has managed numerous multi-disciplinary teams and collaborated on several multinational projects. We are skilled in efficient planning and management of activities, timelines and budgets and have a proven track of excellent communication with our clients. 

Strong Expertise in Qualitative Research and Analysis. Our experience in qualitative methods includes conduct of semi-structured and unstructured in-depth interviews; focus groups; rapid ethnographic assessment; discourse analysis; semi-structured and unstructured observation; and thematic analysis of program documents.  We are experts in systematic, rigorous analysis of qualitative data both with and without use of qualitative data analysis software programs and are on the cutting edge of team-based qualitative data analysis efforts. We have also demonstrated a strong ability to meaningfully integrate the results of qualitative and quantitative analyses.    

Strong Expertise in Survey Research. Our experience in quantitative methods includes survey instrument development; data collection; data analysis and reporting as well as data file development and delivery. Our researchers are skilled in various kinds of survey data analyses, including longitudinal data analysis.  

Expertise in Design and Execution of Mixed Method Evaluations. RSI has strong expertise in both process and outcome evaluation, including mixed methods designs that combine surveys and other forms of quantitative data collection with a range of qualitative methods. Our skills include logic model development, identification of appropriate outcome measures, and development of integrated matrices linking research questions, data sources, data elements and analysis approaches. 

Expertise in Gender Assessment. Our researchers have broad multidisciplinary backgrounds and expertise in gender studies and gender assessment, and have worked on projects involving women’s role in economic development, efforts to achieve gender equity in academic fields, as well as women-focused health communication initiatives. 

Experience with Cross-cultural, Multi-Country and Multi-Regional Projects.  With a strong grounding in the social science disciplines, our team brings to the table a broad and deep cross-cultural and multidisciplinary perspective as well as experience working collaboratively with partners across national and cultural boundaries. We also have access to a team of external collaborators who complement our capabilities in the project-relevant areas of expertise.

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